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loving Texas and accepting the science behind climate change go hand-in-hand

About Jay

My name is Jay Kleberg. I've had the opportunity to see much of the Texas landscape and have engaged in hundreds of conversations with Texans from all walks of life through numerous film productions, non-profit endeavors, business enterprises, and ranching operations.

I'm married to Chrissy Kleberg, and we are raising our three daughters, Sophia, Katherine and Amelia in Austin, Texas.


I grew up in an agricultural community in South Texas. My family may have a storied past, but the biggest blessing of my upbringing is that it taught me a deep respect for the land, the meaning of hard work and that our individual freedoms do not negate our responsibility to one another.

Jay Kleberg Family
Conservationist, Environmentalist, Advocate, Entrepreneur

I've also charted my own path in life as an environmental advocate, a conservationist, and an entrepreneur.  

I believe loving Texas and accepting the science behind climate change go hand-in-hand. Hurricane frequency is increasing. Droughts are getting more severe, and the human toll of last year's freeze should not spark polarization but instead remind us that it is our fellow Texans whose lives and livelihoods are at stake. It's time to elect a Texas Land Commissioner who, in words and deeds, dares to say clearly: "I believe in science."

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Conservationist, Environmentalist, Advocate, Entrepreneur


Texas land and water

Respect The Land

The Texas Land Commissioner is our state's top environmental post. As climate change brings increased instability, including longer and more frequent power outages that place the most vulnerable at greater risk, we need to take a proactive role in conserving a resilient landscape while also reducing or mitigating our CO2 emissions.

Children of veteran

Fund our children’s future and support our veterans

The Texas General Land Office manages Texas' 13 million acres of public lands to provide funding to serve Texas schoolchildren and veterans. While royalties from oil and gas leases are a critical revenue stream, the General Land Office must champion a diversified portfolio of renewable energy such as geothermal, wind, solar and offshore hydrogen production. A diversified portfolio will reposition the General Land Office to keep its promises to Texas veterans and their families for the long term.

Texas solar power farm

Protect the state’s public and economic health

As Texas shifts to a low-carbon economy, it is critical that Texas maintain its leadership in energy. We must protect the workers and communities who have been at the center of powering Texas’s economy for decades, while promoting energy innovation that leads to economic growth and good-paying jobs.

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